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How we define our value as human beings and within companies is a great struggle that holds back and limits true potential. For over 25 years, Al Emerick has studied the existence and exchange of value in society and developed the ValueMapping® approach that transforms how we understand and articulate our value, the value of others, and the value of our products, services, people, and organizations.

The result is ValueAccelerators, a human-centric organization with expertise in the discovery and articulation of hidden value within people and organizations

If you think you deserve to know greater value in your life or business, let us guide you on a ValueJourney with unprecedented speed, clarity, and impact!

For Organizations


Help sales and fundraising teams more powerfully communicate the value of your products, products, and brand, and enhance relationships.


Help leaders better define and articulate the value and impact of your mission, vision, values, and strategy.


Lift culture and build more connected teams with people who can clearly define and communicate their value and impact on organizational goals.

For Individuals


Identify your true value with great insight and clarity and master how to articulate and translate it into success.


There’s hidden value that is driving you. Uncover your why and purpose with a deeper understanding to grow self-awareness and your most powerful story.


Change is a constant. Gain clarity to navigate life’s challenges with greater confidence and be able to articulate the value of change in your life.




Limited Seats Available



Explore and find new solutions to challenges in your business with great depth and speed. Half-day and full-day highly interactive sessions are available and include actionable tools and takeaways that can be immediately implemented. Effective for small, medium, and large teams.

Workshops include team building, enhancing sales performance, supporting leadership development and communication, strategic planning implementation, organizational effectiveness, communication and culture, and improving talent acquisition and onboarding.


Consulting: Dive deeper into organizational development and solutions with 30, 45, and 90-day programs. Team members learn to use the ValueMapping tools and methodology with precision and mastery while receiving expert coaching and support from the ValueMapping team.

Assessments: Partnering with artificial intelligence and natural language processing teams, we identify and unlock hidden data specific to value perceptions, themes, language, and communication about the most critical functions of your business: (A) Brand perception (B) Cultural perception (D) Leadership and peer evaluation (E) Hiring and onboarding (F) Customer product and service value perception.

Training & Courses

Where are you on your value journey? If you or your organization want to be able to more clearly define and articulate value where it matters most, ValueJourneys is a series of training courses that can lift you toward greater success and happiness.

Courses are available for individuals, organizations, and teams. You can access them online and in person with free introductory courses available regularly.

Courses can also be customized as well as being offered for conferences and retreats. Click below for more information.


What if the world could more easily identify and share value and impact? Imagine the possibility! Al is creating a movement to lift people and organizations toward unlocking their true value and greatest impact through his Value Journeys speaker series. 

His fresh, human perspective is a paradigm shift that engages and inspires audiences, transcends industry and profession, and breaks down social, economic, and cultural barriers.

Al is available for keynotes, joint speaking, and panel discussions, as well as podcasts, radio, and television.


The ValueMapping Story

ValueMapping is a trademarked methodology developed by Al Emerick, Founder of Value Accelerators, a performance growth consulting company specializing in elevating human and business value. Driven by a life’s passion and mission to help people recognize and be able to articulate their true value, Al developed the ValueMapping methodology and tools over 25 years ago.

Since then, Al and his team have worked with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, small businesses, start-ups, government agencies, and individuals nationwide.

A national speaker with a unique brand of powerful insight, humor, and empathy, Al has dedicated his life to helping others navigate their ValueJourney so they can find greater joy, meaning, and purpose in life.

Companies Mapped

People Mapped

Al and his ValueMapping team were critical to successfully launching our business in the United States. They helped enhance and grow our culture, operations, and customer service. So much so, that we recommended them to our biggest client.

Richard Nuttall
President, City Facilities Mgmt, (FL)

There are no words for how transformational ValueMapping has been for me. I now think about value in a different way which has brought me joy and improved my ability to connect with people both personally and in my business.

Scott, ValueJourney Course Participant

ValueMapping’s tools and process elevated my team’s ability to clearly and succinctly articulate the value of their efforts to a broader audience and built confidence and enthusiasm for the work they are doing.

Christine Meringolo
Former VP Consumer Engagement, Bayer Consumer Health

I was able to tap into a deeper understanding of myself and my greater value. The impact has helped me grow personally and professionally in ways I never imagined. The best part is that I now have tools that I can and do apply to every aspect of my life. 

Erik, ValueJourney Course Participant

ValueMapping is right for any organization or company seeking to better understand how they create value and driver impact. Its versatile approach is a powerful engine for sales, marketing, culture, and strategy. 

Myron Pincomb
CEO, Chairman of the Board
Pincomb Group, IBCCES


Al truly cares about lifting people to a better place. He and ValueMapping have been huge factors in my growth as a leader and parent. Truly transformational.

Ashley, ValueJourney Course Participant

Al’s ValueMapping approach not only works but also stands the test of time. If you want a highly effective organization where every single employee understands their value, the value of their colleagues, and the power of that combined value on results, then ValueMapping is the right framework and partner for you.

Phyllis Martin
Co-Founder, Martin Hill Solutions

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