• Company, Industry and Community Workshops
    • Leadership
    • Culture and Human Resourcing
    • Sales and Marketing

ValueMapping offers a series of experiential workshops designed to help organizations address specific areas of need within their business. Topics are customized while remaining scalable. Our workshops can be delivered in multiple formats including live, web and video.


  • Customized Strataculture programs
    • Individual, Team, Organization Value
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Individual/Team

To build sustainable value and impact, leadership must first carry the ball. As a culture of value is established more firmly, that foundation is then able to be cascaded throughout an organization.

ValueMapping offers a three stage approach for leaders called:

  • ME (Individual)
  • WE (Team)
  • US (Organizational)

This approach, once experienced and implemented by senior leadership, can be synthesized and applied for managers and employees to benefit and grow from.


  • ValueEquation (VEQ)
    • Value and Impact Distribution individual, team and organization
  • ValueQuotient (VQ)
    • Broad and targeted assessment of individual and organizational value

We recognize the need to quantify the principles of ValueMapping. Our data comes in the form of words, themes and language. Through our patent-pending process, this information is aggregated into a logical and understandable format so leaders can gain deep insight and make smart business decisions which lead to growth.