Leveraging Impact For Transformation

An Invitation Only Event

Wednesday, November 29

LIFT is a mastery event for thought-leaders seeking a fresh and sustainable approach to grow and evolve their business.  This peer exclusive, invitation only workshop offers a deeper understanding and clarity to where value lives within your organization and will demonstrate an innovative, proven approach to leverage and communicate your impact for growth.

Expect to be Engaged, Entertained and Motivated.


So…“what do you do?” It’s become the business and societal basis for our value as defined by job titles and product listings. But do our customers really care about what we DO? ValueMappingTM Founder Al Emerick and the LIFT team answer this question while demonstrating their incredibly simple and highly effective patent-pending process to unlock and apply your value to your customers, employees and business.

Impact is the currency of value!

Experience this Evolutionary Shift in the Perspective of Value and Adjust Your Lens To:

    • Enhance marketing and grow sales
    • Build culture and engagement more sustainably
    • Develop and support leaders, strategy and goals


100 Festival Park Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202


3:00pm – Registration
3:30pm – 5:00pm Program
5:00pm – 6:15pm  Cocktail Reception


$99 – Business and $79  Non-Profit

Who is attending:

C-Suite Management
HR and Culture Leaders
Sales & Marketing Pros
Non-Profit Leaders
Business Influencers

Speakers Include:

<strong>David Miller</strong></p> <h5>Executive Chairman, Co-Founder<br /> Brightway Insurance</h5> <p>

david miller

<strong>Myron Pincomb</strong></p> <h5>Founder<br /> The Pincomb Group</h5> <p>


<strong>Richard Nuttall</strong></p> <h5>COO<br /> CITY Holdings, U.S.</h5> <p>

Richard Nuttall

<strong>Al Emerick</strong></p> <h5>Founder<br /> ValueMapping<sup>TM</sup></h5> <p>

Al Emerick

LIFT Takeaways, Deliverables and Value

value mappingIt’s no secret that people and organizations struggle with obtaining and maintaining value momentum. Countless efforts have been used to engage employees, understand customers and develop leaders. ValueMappingTM is a patent-pending process which unlocks tangible and authentic solutions to these problems with incredible speed, simplicity and effectiveness. The approach enhances existing process improvement, change management and culture programs while giving new life and sustainability to strategic planning.

The experience will be interactive, introspective and collaborative!

Our promise is for you to leave with:

  • A customized “Value Map” which provides real data to apply into your business immediately
  • An individual “Value Statement” framing the perspective of individual or personal value (your choice)
  • An opportunity to discuss your insights with fellow thought-leaders
  • Presentations by leading experts and innovators who have leveraged their value for growth
  • An approach to inspire your team with actionable takeaways and thought provoking insights