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Our take on 2019 Technology Trends

At ValueMapping, clients ask us how technology trends affect our work and the dialogues they create. When it comes to 2019 trends, below are examples from our three focus areas.

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Building culture and connectivity

The use of new tech tools that change the how, when and where of employees’ behavior is an ongoing trend. In 5 Latest Business Trends and Predictions for 2019, author Racheal Muriithi discusses new tools on the horizon and how they will continue to transform the workplace. She notes how technology can create a barrier to recognizing an employee’s ultimate value by removing the personal from the functional. This is a challenge we often confront when consulting with our clients. There is increased risk of losing the human side of foundational value. Through ValueMapping, your employees will understand their individual value both functionally as well as foundationally while connecting with your organization’s value. These bridges are critical constants in an ever-changing workplace.

Leading and aligning organizations

Customers today want to know about your company and who you really are – not just about your products and services. They want to know that you’re technically, socially and environmentally responsible – this all starts with senior leadership (see FastIncNow’s Business Trends That Will Reshape Your World in 2019, about “techno-savvy” customers who want more). Through our leadership ValueMapping programs, your organization will more deeply understand and be able to align the value and impact of the vision, goals, and strategy needed to benefit all stakeholders. Especially those who demand a tech-responsible approach from your business.

Enhancing sales and marketing

Continually automating marketing efforts is a given, but according to Forbes contributor John Hall (5 Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019), advances sometimes come at the expense of personal communication and relationships. One of the business trends for 2019 will be a renewed focus on personal touches that build connections. Whether you’re scaling through email streams or calling clients directly, your method of contact won’t help unless you communicate your value expressed through impact in a genuine way. With ValueMapping, you’ll more powerfully and authentically communicate the value of your goods, services and entire organization because there is a deeper understanding of impact.

Is your business ready for these trends? It’s not too late to plan for 2019 – ask our ValueMapping team how we can help!

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Your 2019 Strategy and Goals: Why the High Gears of Leadership Become the Crying Tears of the Company

Team Spotlight | Dan Franson

As our COO, Dan is instrumental in managing the business, overseeing client relationships and keeping us all moving towards the same business objectives and goals.

Dan’s ValueEquation™

Word of Value:



As a growing company, ValueMapping has a lot of moving parts that must function together. My experience as a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, being a small-business owner and a CPA has taught me the value of understanding efficiency. I apply that knowledge and 25+ years of experience to help our team function at its highest level.


ValueMapping is able to operate more efficiently and utilize resources wisely. This protects our bottom line while reducing stress. We are also able to move forward with clearer lanes and boundaries which helps build confidence in leadership. This confidence is then transferred to our team members and clients resulting in a positive culture, more motivation and sustainable growth.

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VALUE Spotlight

Leveraging Value for Growth

Brightway Insurance invests in the value of their people
and building trust. Co-Founders David and Michael Miller
started franchising Brightway in 2008. Today, the company
is still family owned and they write more than $500 million
in premium a year, have customers in every state and have been recognized by Forbes as a #1 Franchise to buy in the U.S.

We are spotlighting Brightway because they so greatly represent our ValueEquation, Value = the sum of WHAT you do + the IMPACT of what you do.

Their investment in their employees, franchise owners and leaders along with adherence to their core values: Be Smart, Accountable and Trustworthy, is why we have recognized them as a business that leverages their value.

When we worked with the Brightway Franchise Sales and Marketing group, it was one of ValueMapping’s first engagements. This quote from co-founder and Executive Chairman, David Miller serves as a constant reminder that we must remain vigilant to our own value and never settle for less than 150%!

“In less than 2 months, we saw a more than 20% increase in our email open rates and a 30% decrease in our prospective franchisee time to decision. Our sales process is more efficient and cohesive and the team is excited and empowered. The ValueMapping process has been transformative.”

We were both honored and excited to work with such an industry leader and successful and thriving business. Congratulations Brightway for leveraging your value for growth!