ValueMappingTM is based on theory, science, and application by founder and Value Geneticist Al Emerick which he developed over three decades of research and insight from sales and marketing, human resources and executive leadership. This theory is simply, impact is the currency of value. Having worked in corporate, non-profit, start-up and small business arenas, Al saw that society doesn’t really care so much about what people, products and services DO…it cares what their IMPACT is.  Without impact, there is no value. 

As such, it is imperative to clarify value and impact deeply and sustainably. It must also be able to be communicated with authenticity from an internal perspective as well as external. Emerick originally theorized and has since applied and proven the connection between value and impact and has built an entire ecosystem of tools and resources around giving people and organizations the ability to more deeply recognize, understand and share value for greater purpose and increased growth.

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All too often, complexity crushes success. ValueMappingTM simplifies the complex and allows for deep thought and meaningful communication but with a clear process. The benefit means (A) That you get quick results (B) You can take immediate action (C) Momentum is sustainable. The process initially includes two phases which can be applied to identify and communicate the value of of products, services, people, processes, goals, strategy, tactics and performance.

  1. The ValueEquationTM which serves as a primer to thinking through value. There is real application with blindingly fast speed as the equation breaks down value into an easy to understand and communicate flow.
  2. The mapping process which is based on five questions. These questions, when asked in a specific order, unlock a path to more deeply identify and communicate value, identify and solve problems, innovate and much more.


The data, in the form of words, themes and language, is collected on worksheets, ValueMaps and in cloud-based technology. These processes allow our team to work with you to evaluate, manage and operationalize your value. The ValueMappingTM experience and application deploys in two stages: (1) a motivational state where recognition of a deeper value first occurs (2) an operational state where you can begin to both immediately apply your value as well as learn and become more aware of tangent applications of your value.

We work in real time with you both in learning and workshop environments as well as remotely in our cloud-based software platform to help you strategically move forward and build value momentum with efficiency.

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Where are you most willing to invest your resources which will have the greatest impact if affecting positive change and growth for your organization?

The answer to this question will enable us to help you choose the optimal path to your value. The flexibility of ValueMappingTM means you can start slowly or dive in deep to drive sales and marketing, positively impact culture and/or develop and support leaders.