Value Mapping’s patent-pending process and methodology bridges the intersection of strategy and culture. We call it STRATACULTURE and it enables every stakeholder engaged to more deeply identify and authentically communicate organizational and individual value as well as the value of products and services. This is achieved through our proprietary approach based on five questions. These questions, when asked in a specific order, 100% of the time creates an extremely quick, clear and simple path to connect your head and heart authentically around Value.


A “state of mind” which moves, motivates and empowers
your stakeholders aligned around their value.


A functional, efficient tool and approach for operationalizing and integrating Value to align your people, processes and strategies and leverage your Value for business growth.

Stage 1: Discovery
Experience and Absorb    

Unlock your company’s value and package it into an authentic and consumable format which can be immediately deployed for tangible impact operationally and strategically.

Stage 2: Momentum
Process,  Apply & Empower

The power of your Value comes to life in real and actionable outputs you can see,feel and apply. During Momentum, team members become more comfortable and efficient with the process and begin to identify how the data, outputs and experience from Discovery can be applied.

Stage 3: Leveraging
Operationalize and Integrate

Value Mapping is now becoming part of your organization’s fabric, culture and language. Here, we guide you in laying the foundation for Value to live within your organization and for your customers to begin to truly grasp your Value at new depths.

Stage 3: Actualization

In Actualization, our team works directly with senior leadership to fully integrate and connect Value throughout your entire ecosystem and value chain. Our full suite of proprietary tools and process along with our Value experts walk side by side with you driving and supporting your growth initiatives.