Adding Some Value to the Thanksgiving Table

This Thanksgiving holiday we will be reconnecting with family and friends and meeting new people. Along the way the question will be asked, “What are you doing these days?” as well as “What do you do?” Such is the normal cadence of conversation and chit chat. But it is also an amazing opportunity to flip things on their head.

So here’s my thought for how you can turn this Thanksgiving into perhaps one of the most meaningful ever, as well as gather intel that can help you better understand your value personally and/or professionally. The beautiful part is it’s so simple yet so powerful. Okay, hold on…here it comes: instead of; or in addition to asking everyone “what do you do or what line of work are you in,” ask the following question; “So what is your value?” I know you’re reading this asking “Is he crazy?” I also know you’re thinking okay Einstein, I ask that question and they’re going to ask me “what do you mean, personally or professionally? Is this a trick question?” Fret not I have an answer.

Traditional Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, with family preparing turkey and gathering around the table.

When they give you the quizzical look and ask you what you’re talking about, you can simply state “I mean personally or professionally. What do you think your value is. If it’s personal what’s your personal value to the people around you? If it’s your professional value, what is your value to your work or your company? Even better what is your companies or organizations value to its customers?”

OK admittedly this is a very deep question, however it’s how we need to get the ball rolling I believe if we’re really going to consider the concept of value framed as much more than “what” we do; because in fact, our value is truly the “impact” of what we do in addition to “what” we actually do. On a personal level, it is no different. As parents, as friends, as brothers and sisters; whatever the relationship our value is the impact we provide to each other.

If you agree with this, what better time then during the holidays consider your value. Why? Because people are really starting to consider and think about the end of the year, the new year, giving thanks, and being self reflective.  The “value pump” is sort of primed because people are starting to think and talk about more meaningful things at this time of year.

I’m writing this and sharing this with you because this is how and when Value Mapping began. I reached out and spoke to a number of different friends, family members and customers and simply asked them one question: “what value do I provide our relationship?” This simple question; and yet very complex question, is the crux of what I believe to be a change that must occur in our entire relationship ecosystem. Both personally and professionally if we want to truly begin to have an honest conversation about value and be able to communicate it effectively in our relationships, we must ask these questions.

So while your chomping turkey, slurping sweet potato pie and tipping back that favorite holiday beverage, add some value to the menu. You’ll be amazed how “fulfilled” you feel!


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