3 Risks of Not Knowing Your Value and What You Can Do About It

Last week, I posted on my Thursday Thoughts ValueMapping™ Video Blog about Value at Risk. Since then I’ve had some great dialogue on the topic so I thought I would expand here while offering some solutions.

“What’s your value?” That’s a pretty heavy question isn’t it? Let me be more specific: What’s your individual value to your customer? What’s your individual value to your company? What’s your company’s value to your community? What’s your company’s value to its employees? What’s your company’s value to its customers?

If you are a leader, executive or entrepreneur and you haven’t asked these questions, why not? If you are a leader, executive or entrepreneur and you have asked any or all of these questions but not dedicated time to find your answers, why not? Because guess what; your employees and customers have and they expect and are demanding an answer! So what’s the hold up? A newly appointed CEO once told me jokingly (but she was totally and nervously serious), “How the hell can I sell value when our own people wouldn’t know it if it hit them in the face?”

If your head has just blown off your shoulders, you’re offended or slightly frustrated; I am sorry…but good! After more than 700 engagements with dozens of companies, employees, leaders and organizations, here’s 180 seconds of content which I’ve found to be “value motivators.” 

Value At Risk

Risk 1: Your Customers Will Leave You

Customers trust you to solve their problems, take away their pain and make their life better. Accomplishing this means your entire organization must understand their role in serving up value to the customer. This can only be defined and engrained as a culture by leadership. Customers spot these gaps and will seize the opportunity to make you pay for that gap by taking their business elsewhere.


Risk 2: Your Employees Will Leave You

Employees trust you to train, guide and lead them so they can be effective conduits of value to the customer. Accomplishing this means you as the leader have to set the tone, develop the culture and create the sustainable environment where value grows. Employees spot these gaps and will seize the opportunity to make you pay for that gap by taking their talents elsewhere.


Risk 3: You Will Leave You

Simon Sinek in his acclaimed Start With Why, says “Imagine a world where we wake up inspired to go to work.” If you as a leader are not connected to; or do not understand your individual and organizational value, you are on a path to unhappiness. Value is not just about what we do, it’s also about the impact of what we do. Without a deeper understanding of this relationship, your own sense of personal and professional value is at risk.



3 Steps To Knowing Your Value

If any one of these three risks are present in your organization or life, they should be addressed immediately. We do not proclaim that there is an overnight fix, however, there are some easy steps you can take to begin to reduce your risk factors.

  • Begin a dialogue about value within your organization beyond the marketing and sales teams. Simply starting to speak about value and gaining perspective can prove fruitful as well as refreshing.


  • Look within yourself at your own value and begin a personal dialog. It’s a lot easier to expand the conversation about value when you’re more comfortable with your individual value.


  • Ask your customers what they believe your value is. If you’re afraid to do this, give up leadership right now and take up a solo sport or recreation that allows you to safely and independently live in a cocoon.


Value can be a complex issue and discussion, but that doesn’t mean starting the dialogue and path to value growth has to be. If you can more deeply identify your value and authentically communicate it, you can grow!

Al is a passionate enthusiast of value and happiness. He founded ValueMapping™ to help organizations and people achieve and exceed growth potential. Al is a national speaker, consultant, entrepreneur and brand spokesman who brings unbridled energy and impact to every engagement.


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