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Adding Some Value to the Thanksgiving Table


This Thanksgiving holiday we will be reconnecting with family and friends and meeting new people. Along the way the question will be asked, “What are you doing these days?” as well as “What do you do?” Such is the normal cadence of conversation and chit chat. But it is also an amazing opportunity to flip things on their head.

So here’s my thought for how you can turn this Thanksgiving into perhaps one of the most meaningful ever, as well as gather intel that can help you better understand your value personally and/or professionally. The beautiful part is it’s so simple yet so powerful. Okay, hold on…here it comes: instead of; or in addition to asking everyone “what do you do or what line of work are you in,” ask the following question; “So what is your value?” I know you’re reading this asking “Is he crazy?” I also know you’re thinking okay Einstein, I ask that question and they’re going to ask me “what do you mean, personally or professionally? Is this a trick question?” Fret not I have an answer.

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