Posts on Sep 2016

What’s Your Value?…Ask Your Customers!


Our value is much like DNA; it is the very core of our existence. In business, we seek to communicate our value to customers so they’ll buy from us. Personally, we share our value with friends and family to build connections and develop stronger relationships. In both of these instances, we also seek value in return. However, if there is no exchange of value, then the relationship never develops and/or dies. Bottom line, we’re a quid pro quo society and time and money is just too short to be wasted on relationships and activities if there is no perceived value.

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The Elevator Pitch of Death – Avoiding The Executioner Part 1

elevator pitch

You’ve heard and/or seen it before, “What do you do? Tell me about your company.” What happens next can be a pandora’s box of awesomeness, ridiculous hilarity, confusion or painful regret. Crafting a great elevator pitch is an ongoing struggle for companies and organizations. There’s numerous reasons why, but for the purposes of this little ditty i’ll focus on “THE VOLUME ISSUE!”

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